Information to patients and visitors

If you are sick and need medical assistance, please contact your doctor/GP (fastlege), or the emergency room (legevakt), phone number 116 117 . The medical emergency line (113 ) is reserved for life threatening situations. 

The Helgeland Hospital Trust/Helgelandssykehuset is a part of Regional Hospital Trust, Helse Nord. Our four primary tasks are treatment of patients, training of patients ​and next of kin, research and education of health personnel.

​​We have hospitals in Mo i Rana, Mosjøen and Sandnessjøen, as well as a health center in Brønnøysund. We also have psychiatric care and substance abuse treatment in these cities. 

Our hospitals and visiting places​

Our clinics and departments

To our pa​​tients and​ visitors

  • If you are sick, call us first. 
  • Visitation only during visiting hours. Let the hospital staff know that you have arrived.

​​For information about your appointment at Helgelandssykehuset/ Helgeland Hospital Trust, call 75 66 00 00.


Do you have questions about coronavirus? At helsenorge.no you will find updated information from the health authorities, such as a checklist for persons who have tested positive for COVID-19, travel advice, high risk groups and more.

​Coronavirus (helsenorge.no)

​​​​Childre​​​n or teenagers in the family?​​​

​This information is for anyone with children or teenagers in their family. You may be the patient, a relative of the patient or the parent of a sick child who has brothers or sisters.​

We want to ensure that the children and teenagers in your family are well taken care of at our hospital. Children are affected when someone in their family falls ill. They need the adults around them to be open and honest about what is happening.

More information about children or teenagers in the family

National online health services​​

National online health services​​Everyone living in Norway is entitled to essential medical services. Find information about your rights, our digital health services and other selected topics at helsenorge.no.
You can call 
815 55 015, or read more here:

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